LUNCH mo – fr | 12 – 15

mo – fr | 12 – 15


Parsleyrootsoup l 7,5
Pearl barley, chive oil (v)


Green Salad | 6
selected salad leaves, vinaigrette

Caesar Salad
Romana salad, poached egg, parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing (v)

Caesar salad with corn chicken | 13,5
corn fed chicken breast, poached egg, parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing

Niçoise Tuna Salad | 11,5
Romana Salat, Thunfisch, grüne Bohnen, Kartoffeln, gekochtes Ei, Kapern, Oliven, Kirschtomaten Niçoise-Dressing (v)

Niçoise Salad | 9
Romana Salat, green beans, potatoes, boiled egg, capers, olives, cherry tomatoes, Niçoise dressing (v) 

Avocado Salad | 10,9
avocado, taggiasca olives, tomato, feta (v)

Vegane Bowl | 11,5
Avocado, red rice, portobello mushroom, chickpeas, sweet potato, baby romana, bean cream (vg)

Asparagus & Goat Cheese 12,5
grilled green asparagus, truffle croutons, romana salad (v)

Main Courses

Shakshuka | 10,5
2 eggs in oriental tomato-paprika sauce, feta, coriander, served with roasted bread (v)

Steak & Egg | 16
Bavette Steak (145 gr. sous vide, medium) pan-fried egg, roasted baby potatoes, salsa verde

Corn fed chicken & Mash | 14
fried corn chicken breast, truffle mashed potatoes, wild broccoli, red wine sauce 

Cod & Ratatouille | 17
Cod fillet, red rice, ratatouille, chive oil

Pasta & Risotto

Truffled Tagliatelle | 9,5
Spinat, Trüffelcreme, Parmesan (v)

„Dry aged“ Bolognese | 10,5
handmade spaghetti, beef ragout, parmesan

Salmon Pasta | 12,5
tagliatelle, salmon, crème de Bresse, salted lemon

Tomate-Aubergine Tagliatelle | 11,5
tomato eggplant sauce, cherry tomatoes, basil (vg)

Ravioli | 12
Spinach & ricotta filling, cherry tomatoes, spinach, parmesan (v)

Pea mushroom risotto | 12
fried oyster mushrooms, peas, parmesan, chives (v)

Risotto with Corn-Fed Chicken | 16
Pea mushroom risotto with grilled corn chicken breast


Goat Cheese-Avocado | 10
grilled country bread, avocado, fresh goat cheese, arugula, arugula pesto and with it potatoes from the oven and homemade vegan mayonnaise (v)

Vegan Club | 11
grilled country bread, aubergine, zucchini and roasted red bell pepper, romaine lettuce, tomato and served with potatoes from the oven and homemade vegan mayonnaise (vg)

Spindler Club Sandwich | 11
grilled country bread, roasted chicken breast, fried egg, bacon, tomato, Romama salad, granular mustard and served with potatoes from the oven and homemade vegan mayonnaise

Eggs special

Eggs Florentine | 9,9
2 poached eggs, spinach, sauce hollandaise, muffin, potatoes, salad (v)

Eggs Benedict | 11,5
2 poached eggs, spinach, bacon, sauce hollandaise, muffin, potatoes, salad

Eggs Roseline | 10,9
2 poached eggs, spinach, avocado, seeds, sauce hollandaise, muffin, potatoes, salad (v)

Eggs Royale | 12,9
2 poached eggs, spinach, salmon, sauce hollandaise, muffin, potatoes, salad


Tartine Vegan | 7,5
avocado, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, sourdough bread (vg)

Salmon Tartine | 7,9
smoked salmon, ricotta, dill, sourdough bread

Late Breakfast Tartine | 7,9
acocado, poached egg, chili, sourdough bread (v)


– natural (v) | 2,7
- with homemade jam and butter (v) | 4,3
- with molten cheese (v) | 4,9
- with melted cheese and ham | 5,5


Home marinated olives (vg) | 5,9


Chocolate Fondant | 6,5
served warm, made of 74% chocolate, vanilla ice cream, crumble

Tonka BeansPanna Cotta l 6,5
apple compote, crumble


Chocolate, New-York-Cheese, Fruits of the Season with Crumble
please ask the service for the current selection

* Please inform your waiter about allergies, all prices in €

(v) - vegetarian | (vg) - vegan

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